How to fix iphone charger not working? Step by step 25102022

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How to fix iphone charger not working?

Many people charge their iPhones using bedside chargers. Many bedside chargers are compatible with all kinds of iPhone models- some newer models even have a LED light for charging. However, if your iPhone is not charging, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.

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When your iPhone is not charging, it’s because the battery has run out of power. That’s why many old iPhone models won’t charge up anymore. Newer models have bigger batteries that allow them to hold more charge. If your iPhone is not charging, try replacing the battery with one from another model. You can find new iPhone batteries on sites like eBay and Amazon. Some people buy new batteries in bulk and keep them in their kitchen drawers full of other spare parts. This way they always have a fresh set of batteries on hand.

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Many people charge their iPhones overnight in their bedstand chargers. During the day, the phone is usually in use so it doesn’t get enough charge to function correctly. However, at night your phone is usually charging back up again. In this way, charging your phone nightly isn’t a bad habit- it just means you need to make sure your charger is working properly. You can check to see if your charger is working by plugging it into a wall socket and holding down the on button for about ten seconds before attempting to charge your phone. If the green light comes on but the yellow light doesn’t flash, your charger isn’t working properly. You can try buying a new one or trying some other tricks to fix it if the old one isn’t remedying the problem.


As long as you’re willing to invest in a new charger or find other ways to charge your phone, your iPhone will still work when it isn’t being charged. However, if you purchased an iPhone specifically so you could charge it using a bedside charger, you should probably buy a different model if yours isn’t charging right now.

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